Letter to the Editor: The mine is a bad idea based on air impacts alone

The proposed mining operation on the edge of Portola is an exceedingly bad idea based on air quality impacts alone. The area is already considered non-attainment and in fact has extremely poor air quality much of the time. For example, a check of the AirNow Air Quality Index for the morning of January 8th showed an AQI of 58 for Los Angeles, widely known for having some of the poorest air quality in the nation. The AQI for Portola was 126, well into the unhealthy category. As a consistent monitor of Portola air quality I can report that there are many days considerably worse than an AQI of 126. A major mining operation in the area will be a significant contributor to particulate matter in an already poor air shed.

The effects of this type of air pollution on children, the elderly and everyone in between are well documented through decades of indisputable scientific evidence. Many people move to Portola and the surrounding communities in search of a better quality of life. If the proposed mining project is approved expect a significant degradation of that quality of life. It seems unimaginable that this project would be approved given the significant negative impacts to the right to breathe clean air for the people of Portola and the surrounding areas.

Tom Romanello