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Letter to the Editor: The new America

“Peaceful demonstrators” destroy historic statues and buildings; criminals vandalize and burn down cities.

Brave police officers are killed and maimed as they do their jobs.

One Black person in confrontation with police is martyrized, while dozens of Blacks and Black children killed every weekend are ignored.

Government prevents you from attending church, going to the beach, having a birthday party for your five-year-old …

Government requires medical facilities closed for cancer treatments, but open for abortions.

Protestors interrupt your dinner, cursing and calling you names.

Citizens are charged with a crime if they defend their property.

Thought police determine what you can say and to whom.

Government decides whether your business or occupation is “essential.”

The elderly are confined to nursing homes and denied visitors, while criminals are turned out into the streets.

The Democrat Socialists’ answer? “Good ‘ol boy” Joe Biden, who:

– nuzzles little girls’ hair when he has them uncomfortably trapped in front of a camera.

– Loves telling the story of how shiny his leg hair is in the sun.

– Uses the “f” word whenever he thinks the mic is off.

– Doesn’t know Iran from Iraq or his wife from his sister.

– Can’t remember where he is at the moment.

– Uses a teleprompter to answer “spontaneous” reporters questions.

Both Biden and Harris have terrible actual records on law enforcement, social justice, national health crises, economics, foreign policy, race-relations, and more.

The “Biden-Harris” ticket is a sham. Harris and Sanders will sweep Biden under the rug the day “they” take office.

This “new” America is socialism at its core.

How do you like it so far?

Hating Donald Trump may make you feel righteous. But be sensible and look at his actual track record, not the fabricated Democrat Socialists’ version and vote Republican.

Lynn Desjardin


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