Letter to the Editor: The numbers speak to who’s vaccinated

To answer the writer’s question ‘What makes you think we [Republicans] are not vaccinated?’ one simply has to read or listen to news from legitimate news sources and web sites. And, no, Fox News and all the other right-wing propaganda outlets do not qualify as legitimate news sources.

As of July 25, 2021, the most cases and deaths from COVID-19 are in those states run by Republicans. These states include Arkansas (trend +162%), Louisiana (+238%), Florida (+208%), Missouri (+70%), Mississippi (+241%), Alaska, and Nevada.

Three states, Florida, Texas, and Missouri, with low vaccination rates, accounted for 40% of all new cases (July 23, 2021). Republican controlled states are implementing bans on mask mandates, removing state health officials because they dared to suggest that children (of proper age) get vaccinated, and other bans and laws that otherwise would protect their citizens from COVID-19. It’s seems they are encouraging their constituents to get sick. Counties who voted for Biden are more likely to be vaccinated (46.7%) compared to counties who voted for the insurrectionist Trump (35%).

There are Republican leaders who are downplaying the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine and celebrating, actually cheering, that Biden did not reach his goal of 70% vaccination rate by July 4th (CPAC). Half of all Republican congress Members refuse to say if they are vaccinated. Then there are the crazies who believe the lies that the vaccine has microchips in them, or will kill them outright, or ‘turns white people in to black people’. This is America in the 21st century…


It is important to note that those who end up in the hospital with the COVID-19 ‘D’ variant and who are not vaccinated are dying compared to those who are vaccinated. The vaccines are preventing deaths from those who get ‘break-out’ COVID-19 D infections.

Maybe the Letter writer is vaccinated, but the most cases and deaths are now occurring in Republican controlled states and counties who are not vaccinated. And that’s the problem that will prevent America from winning this war on COVID-19.

Personally, I am fully vaccinated, still socially distance myself from others, and still wear my mask in public spaces. I see people all over Graeagle and Plumas County without masks in the Post Office, at the recent arts fair, in stores, and other very public places.

The COVID-19 D variant is extremely contagious and deadly. I am not a doctor but it doesn’t take a genius to put together the fact that the vaccines do more good than harm and protects people from COVID-19 death.


Mark Mihevc