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Letter to the Editor: The Trump virus

Given that Plumas County is a hotbed of ruby-red Trump and Republican drones, I applaud the PUSD Trustees on their vote to enact 100% distance learning. The trustees used sound judgment and logic and realized that all other plans would eventually lead to their final decision anyway. When these children grow older, they will thank the trustees for protecting their health and potentially saving their lives.

Some parents actually wanted to have their children attend school as normal. What were they thinking? But then again this is what the lying mentally ill pathetic president wants for our children. And note that over 97,000 U.S. children have tested positive just in late July.

The Trump coronavirus is a very contagious and deadly virus and is pandemic.  There is no vaccine. The Trump virus has killed over 160,000 Americans and those that survive or are asymptomatic still could have life threatening ailments as this virus attacks other vital organs in our body.

It did not have to happen this way. This evil lunatic president did nothing to address the virus. Trump actually fired the pandemic response team in 2018 and knew of the disease maybe as early as November 2019 and did nothing.

Trump failed to utilize the Defense Production Act what would have allowed the US to manufacture masks, personal protection equipment (PPE), and ventilators.He has pulled us out of the World Health Organization. He threw healthcare workers and the states under the bus. Over 120,000 healthcare workers have contracted the virus and 600 have died

The Trump virus will not go away or even mitigated until the USA is under new management. We need to completely close down the entire U.S. for at least 6 weeks. Our U.S. government needs to provide masks and testing for everyone and do contact tracing. And our government needs to provide our healthcare workers all the protection and tools available to treat the victims of the Trump virus. In my opinion, Trump and the Republican Party are guilty of gross negligence and the deaths of those innocent 160,000+ Americans.

Mark Mihevc

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