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Letter to the Editor: They don’t seem to care

Wow, the San Francisco voters removed a very progressive District Attorney because he was soft on crime.  Hmmm, makes sense.  We like to be safe.  Well, imagine the abortion ban pushed by those conservative Americans and the right wing supreme court that insist children to be raised in damaged families, or no families.

About 20 years after birth control and abortion were in common practice in the 1990s, the crime rate dropped quite measurably.  So when women are not allowed to make reproductive choices, in many cases, children will be raised in very difficult circumstances, with poverty, and parents that shouldn’t be parents.  There’s going to be more crime.

We know Republicans are absolutely opposed to those federal and state programs that help families (they just don’t like that “sumptin’ for nothin’” thing)..  These are those liberal programs that help families and children.  Sorta like Republicans don’t seem to care if children get shot in the face at school or black people shoppers get taken out by an AR in a grocery store.

Don McKechnie


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