Letter to the Editor: This section will never be the same again

One letter to the editor, just fourteen short months ago, expressed a wish to get together in the park to celebrate the end of Covid-19.  At that time few, if any, expected to see the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd… major outbreaks; I sure as hell didn’t.

In the Fall of ’62, having lost the gubernatorial election to Edmund G. (Pat) Brown, Richard M. Nixon had a message for the press (that’s what the media was called back then), “You won’t have Richard Nixon to kick around anymore.” Six years later that would prove to be the exact opposite of prophetic.

Mr. Lake Davis shared a great photograph of a full moon, he volunteered with service organizations, served as the trainer for this Spring’s undefeated Portola Tiger football team, I believe there was also a North-Section championship team he also worked with, and he didn’t hesitate to share some strong positions in frequent letters to the editor.  The opinion section of the local paper will never be the same; wherever you might land, I hope you find a healthy ratio of libs and cons.

Gene Nielsen

Crescent Mills