Letter to the Editor: Timber harvest plans

Cal Fire is moving toward approving two timber harvest plans east of Lake Almanor that includes almost 2,000 acres of clear cutting down trees. The project is located near Last Chance and North Shore campgrounds, as well as the community of Chester. There is an existing threat of fire to these areas that is affirmed by Cal Fire and there are already too many clear-cut patches. It looks like there is more clear cutting than trees. A quick look on Google Earth will show you the clear-cutting patches of destruction in the forest. Further research will tell you that clear cutting led to increase the fire intensity and spread in the Camp Fire and other fires in the northwest.

There is a public comment period open now for two weeks to stop Cal Fire from allowing clear cutting of the forest east of Lake Almanor. The federal government has stopped clear-cutting in our national forests and it is now time to stop it on private land where profit is the prime motivator of cutting down forests.

Send written comments to: [email protected] or mail to Cal Fire, 6105 Airport Rd., Redding, CA 96002. Put THP 2-20-00215  Plumas in the subject line.

Jean Marquardt

Chico, CA