Letter to the Editor: Time to fight Big Oil

A new group ThirdAct.org is taking serious action on climate change. It was started by Bill McKibben, a well known educator, writer, and climate activist who also founded 350.org, so named because 350 ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the level we need to aim for in order to ensure a livable world.

Third Act is special because members are primarily Baby Boomers. We have the time, motivation, and experience to make our voices heard. Why? Because we feel it is unfair to leave this climate mess to our children and grandchildren.
Right now we are working to get banks to stop funding fossil fuel companies. The biggest offenders are Citi, Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. Chase may well be the biggest offender, having poured more than 316 billion into fossil fuels from 2016-2000.
As I see it banks are making money off fossil fuels and in turn Big Oil is making money off us. They are taking advantage of the war in Ukraine and raising gas prices even higher. Why? Because we don’t fight back! And all along they’ve been lying to us with their promises to transition to clean energy. All greenwashing…nothing ever happens. This on top of the fact they were well aware of the dangers from elevated carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere at least since the early 80s. Since then all lies and subterfuge.
And so it continues. The consumer pays the price at the pump, Big Oil gets richer, and all the while climate change gets worse. NO MORE! If you want to see change consider joining ThirdAct.org. Baby Boomers more than welcome.
Robbin Anderson
Portola, CA