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Letter to the Editor: To the Anti Vaxxers — your choice impacts the community not just you

I hear it all the time. So many, “It’s my choice!” yellers. It’s true; it is your choice, however you should look around you and notice all the other people nearby. In other words, you’re not alone. What about their “choice?” Many of us got our two shots after isolating a year. I’m one of those vaccinated ones who, because of you, must now still hide because I choose to stay safe and keep people in my community safe; that’s my choice. You can look up the word community if you need to, I’ll wait… So really it’s a community’s choice. Things would be so much better. Just imagine… a community that cares about each other. It doesn’t matter if you think the shot will hurt (which it doesn’t) or if you don’t believe COVID is real (what if you’re wrong?). Grow up and get the shots. You don’t need to tell your anti vaxxer friends if you are afraid you’ll get laughed at. Fact is, you may even save a life or two.

Jenny Lee


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