Letter to the Editor: To the courageous fire fighters in Plumas County and state.

To the Fire Fighters no matter from where or when came your command,
you arrived ‘hell bent’ on saving our precious piece of land
and in your presence to us sent, in the lingering smoke, smog and sediment,
an air of possible future security and personal contentment.

Whether on the ground crew, or piloting planes that flew,
You, with your sudden arrival, gave hope to our future survival.
For when you did appear you put to flight our deepest fear,
That we, to save our future fates, would have to leave and evacuate.

Thank you for saving my life savings.
Thank you for saving my life’s haven.
Thanks to you I can see my tomatoes budding to bloom
and not consumed and dead in their ash filled garden tomb.
(For those on going fatal untamed flames you maimed and did subdue and
finally did conclude, for what could have been our burnt out future prelude.)
So again, thanks to you all in yellow and blue .
Thanks to you, and your ever-present courage and fortitude.
Oh you determined fire blighters.
Oh you aggressive fire riders
Oh! You courageous and selfless,
———Fire Fighters.———-

John K. Probst

A grateful East Quincy resident