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Letter to the Editor: To those that hold the purse strings

Why does the Mohawk Community Resourse Center have to constantly BEG for financial support from the citizens of Plumas County just to keep its doors open. Where’s support from County, State, Federal funds ? …. Grants? As it is right now, it is almost entirely staffed by “volunteers” , supported by “donations” and “fundraising”. This is a valuable resource that serves the entire Plumas County.

Mohawk Community Resource Center provides a wide variety of services and activities to the community. This includes Senior Nutrition lunches once a week, various exercise classes such as Tai Chi, Line Dancing, and Pilates. There are also meditation, art and language classes, support groups, access to computer and wi-fi, printing and faxing tools, and a lending library filled with books, DVDs, jigsaw puzzles, and board games.

Mohawk Community Resource Center also offers facility rental for meetings and events and serves as a social gathering place with many events during the year to bring the community together.

Let’s all just STOP and think about how valuable this resource is to a Rural Community.

It was a hard fought battle to get it organized and funded in the first place, some 20+ years ago. It might be next to impossible to get it restored if let to expire!


Dee Kelly

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