Letter to the Editor: Trump and La Malfa and Pearl Harbor

Imagine this: Japan has bombed Pearl Harbor. President Franklin D. Roosevelt immediately puts out a call to the governors of every state to muster troops and defend the country. No centralized war plan, mind you, just each of you do whatever you think is best to curtail the threat.

Back in March, once he acknowledged COVID-19 as the national catastrophe that it is (publicly, anyway), Donald Trump characterized himself as a “wartime president.” Unfortunately, that was mere rhetoric, his go-to currency in virtually all situations, regardless of circumstances.

A true commander-in-chief understands how to protect us, and if we’re under attack, real leaders know that the best defense is a strategic, coordinated approach, not a scatter-shot, ineffective, “it’s going to disappear” response.

Months later, we’re paying the price of Trump’s failure to lead. A man who has demonstrated wanton disregard for the safety of people he took an oath to defend and serve doesn’t deserve our vote.

And it isn’t just Trump who’s let us down. In calls to Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s office, I’ve asked his aides if he supports President Trump. The answer is always “yes.”

Well, why not? They’re birds of a feather, especially when it comes to working the system. Rice farmer LaMalfa sits on the House Agriculture Committee, which determines the amount and distribution of farm subsidies. Is it any coincidence that he’s received millions of dollars in federal farm subsidies between 1995 and 2020?

The Market Facilitation Program was launched in 2019 to help farmers hurt by the administration’s trade war with China. LaMalfa’s family farm partnership has already received over $54,000 in MFP payments.

Trump has failed the country. LaMalfa supports Trump. I’ll be voting for Joe Biden and Audrey Denney.

Susan Christensen


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