Letter to the Editor: Trump lies


Phil, I must respond to your letter recently turned in. Here’s your problem number one. There was absolutely no widespread fraud in the last presidential election. I ask you openly to provide ANY proof of the fraud that you absolutely believe in because there is none, just a bunch of people led by “orange” man talking trash. Even now some of his “lawyers” (i.e., Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell among others) are facing sanctions and possible disbarment for producing frivolous lawsuits about the election. Phil, you can talk, but when you get to court you must produce evidence. It’s all bunk. Go ahead and believe all the garbage you want, but it is you who is abandoning our country, believing that it is filled with a bunch of “woke liberals” (shall we say “deep state”), who, apparently according to you, are corruptly running our country which is simply not true. Yes, this is America, where there are people who have different views than you, as you have different views from me, who are “allowed” to express their views. That actually is what WWII was fought for. If you look today, how well are ordinary citizens of China, Russia, or Iran doing when trying to express opposing views to the government? Any opposing view is squelched as soon as possible, as they would be here if Trump had his way. As far as the Constitution you are right that Trump did not want to abolish the whole Constitution. He only wanted to terminate the “articles” that prevented him from unlawfully stealing a presidential election. You see, in Donald’s world, he would just go in and rewrite anything he wanted and remove anything he wanted to make the Constitution suit him. Similar to that, this man has said that all he has to do is “think” and he can declassify documents (said on TV to Sean Hannity). Phil, that’s not the way it works. Changes to the Constitution (i.e., amendments) are very difficult to achieve and require 38 states to ratify to become law. Trump, the “dictator king” would be, thinks that he alone can fix it. I don’t want to live in a country with a madman king. Once again, he has openly shown us who he is. When are people like you going to get it? He doesn’t even try to hide it. This man doesn’t give a crap about America, you, or any of us, only himself. Quit all the American flag waving. If you are for Trump, go ahead and fly your Trump flag, but please don’t disgrace the American Flag by flying it next to his.

Dan Hopkins