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Letter to the Editor: Uniting America

Uniting America – Democratic Socialists of America reforms and new rules for the American public (excluding DSA ruling class)

Close schools to ensure the “dumbing down” of children.

Legalize mind-altering drugs to de-incentivize everyone else.

Keep liquor stores open to encourage additional desensitization.

Limit social gatherings to stifle debate and social discourse.

Keep abortion clinics open to select and control population.

Prohibit visits to nursing center residents, and celebrating social and family events.

Prohibit Bible reading and other religious activities in private homes.

Also close churches, mosques, and synagogues so government is the only option for moral and morale support.

Require face masks at all times to ensure anonymity.

Defund or dismantle police to enable selective law enforcement.

Require electric cars.

Demolish dams that produce electricity for electric cars to limit travel.

Eliminate single-family homes.

Increase stack-and-pack housing to coalesce population into controllable collectives.

Close or burn down small businesses to ensure DSA-approved corporations control all commerce.

Allow riots and destruction of property as an antidote to idleness from no school and no job.

Increase racial and social tension through intimidation and fear-mongering.

Do not allow cancer treatments, kidney dialysis, etc., to selectively limit population (see also “abortion” above).

Destroy symbols of American history and encourage anarchy to erase America’s past successes.

Define acceptable speech and punish individual thought and expression.

Confiscate personal firearms to prevent rebellion against DSA unity reforms.

Eliminate the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as governing documents.

Replace them with DSA reforms/programs/ideology.

Rejoin global agreements (e.g., Paris Accord) to ensure American bankruptcy from subsidizing other countries’ climate and human rights violations.

Restart involvement in foreign wars to select DSA-preferred rulers and distract attention from America’s demise.

Reignite cooperation on all fronts with Communist China to bring socialism/communism to America.

Require social media, big tech and popular public figures to censor opposition to DSA unity reforms.

Lynn Desjardin









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