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Letter to the Editor: Us, and “them”…

Hi Helene Day from Graeagle. I’m a “white boy” as you refer to Caucasians.

Instead of spewing semi-incoherent, vitriolic blurbs of subconscious sentiment as you do, I thought I would say thanks to my cousins in The Great White North, who came out, a million strong, to protest forced vaccination on their whole population, by an International Communist government.

I saw so many happy, honest loving faces from my cousins, even though they live under a tyrannical dictatorship.

Lots of children and their moms baked cookies and stuff for the truckers, and I listened to a bearded burly Can-trucker describing that the kids left heartfelt notes along with the brown bag munchies. He was tearing up as he read the message, and so was I, because real men cry.

Here’s the message- “Reach for the stars, we believe in you. Dear Mr. or Mrs. Trucker- It’s really awesome that you’re standing up for human rights. I’m only 11, so I don’t know much about it, but I believe what’s happening is wrong, and I know you can do it! Sincerely, Kate!”

BTW, I’m not political. Around 60 percent of Americans don’t or can’t vote. That leaves roughly 20 percent D and 20 percent R. That makes approximately 80 percent of Americans who did not necessarily ask for what you democrat International Communists are forcing on the world.

“We will, we will rock you…”

Robert Milne

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