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Letter to the Editor: VAERS

To my knowledge, people given Covid injections were never given information on how or where to report a vaccine adverse event. The proper channel to report vaccine injuries, for decades, is the CDC’s own VAERS system, created in 1990. This stands for Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System.

However, The Harvard Pilgrim Study, conducted between 2006 and 2009, showed that only 1-10% of vaccine adverse events are ever reported to VAERS. The reasons for this low reporting ratio is that recipients of vaccines are not given the information, or urged to report any negative effects. Additionally, and especially regarding the agenda driven Covid shot, most physicians have subjectively tried to blame Covid vaccine damage on Covid itself.

This vaccine business is corporation profit driven. Therefore, the reporting system has been kept dysfunctional for decades, to obscure the real damage. The sponsored carney barkers and sanitizers during Covid were quick to “fact check” or attempt to discredit VAERS data, claiming that “right wing” operatives sat all day, filling out bogus VAERS reports, to increase the number of negative reports. This is a poor “fact checker” attempt to belittle the actual VAERS data, which shows how many people died or had various levels of adverse reactions in a given historical period.

If one wanted to know how many were affected negatively by the various branded Covid shots, they’d not be able to, using the CDC’s VAERS website. Unless they spent hours filtering results. This is by design.

These totals are available at the OpenVAERS website, which was created by vaccine injured individuals.

By selecting Covid Vaccine Data from the dropdown, then selecting Red Box Summaries, one can view the total domestic and foreign number. By toggling the button to the right (U.S.), they will see the weekly updated numbers.

Keep in mind though, the 13,463 deaths, as well as the injury categories, represent only 1-10% of the real total. Some estimate that the real numbers are 40x the report!

Reality, and what “should” be the protocol, are two different things. IMO, ALL vaccines, or in this case, mRNA shots, should include a mandatory monitoring and potential injury report to be filled out. But the lawyers at corporate will have nothing of the kind.

So, to those virtue signaling left (reality) and the dogmatic right RINOs, who flaunt caring about the “chiiildren” (Michael Savage pronunciation), you were the same ones who called “conspiracy” when VAERS was mentioned, because the red button on your not so smart phone told you to. And now, the unknowing public, maintaining its trust in the “institution” of medicine, will subject kids as young as 6 months to an experimental shot that’s many times worse than 911, many times.
Shame, shame, shame…

Robert Milne

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