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Letter to the Editor: Vice Versa


First, I want to acknowledge the “olive branch” from Nick. When I write these letters to the editor I do so with the lyrics of a great Dave Mason song in mind: “There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy, There’s only you and me and we just disagree”.

When Donald Trump accuses someone of something it is often what he is doing or has done. Example one: He’s accused the Biden administration of politicizing the Department of Justice, the FBI, etc. Biden has gone out of his way to not meddle in those departments. He barely even mentions Merrick Garland. Trump, on the other hand tried to make the Department of Justice his personal law firm as well as the FBI. Remember when Comey wouldn’t drop the Michael Flynn investigation? He was fired. His first pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, was eventually fired for recusing himself from the investigation about Russia meddling in the 2016 election. Then Bill Barr, his next Attorney General, who spent almost his entire time in office doing everything Trump wanted, “resigned” when he wouldn’t say there was massive fraud in the election. Remember that Trump told him to do that “and leave the rest to my Republican friends in Congress and me.” Barr’s justice department had come to the conclusion, rightly, that there was no massive fraud in the election and he wouldn’t do it (“You’re fired!”).

Example two (should be #1): Stop the Steal. Donald Trump did everything in his power to overturn a fair and legitimate election while claiming the other side was doing it. To this day he will not stop his lie and a shocking number of brainwashed Americans believe him with no proof whatsoever. There is, however, a mountain of evidence of what he and his minions did. All he has to say is that it is Fake News and people believe him. Remember about a year into his presidency when he said: “Don’t believe what you see or read, believe me.” Most of his MAGA (real meaning Make Attorneys Get Attorneys) base has blindly believed him. Example: The horrendous attack on our Capitol and Congress was on live TV for all to see. How many of you “Trumpers” see it for what it was, a violent attack on our Democracy by pro Trump citizens to steal an election at any cost including death of members of Congress or even Mike Pence (his lapdog Vice President for four years who was immediately “expendable” when he wouldn’t go along with Trump that day and not accept certified election results)? This next election is full of Republicans running on the lie. Trump has poisoned the Republican Party. Vote for Democrats if you want to live in a democracy.

Dan Hopkins


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