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Letter to the Editor: Volunteering for new vaccine; saw my brother die

Dear Friends: I am a volunteer “senior lab rat” with the Infectious Disease Dept. University of California, Davis which is testing a new Vaccine : Novavax. They  also tested the the other Vaccines with volunteers who make a commitment of 2 years to participate in the testing. I do so because I saw my own brother take his last breath because his lungs were no longer functioning and  unable to provide his body the necessary oxygen to stay alive. I do not want anyone else to die in this manner. We had 37 pages of Disclosures before given the Vaccine and/or Placebo. Must check in daily with computer to disclose any symptoms. Please reconsider objections to Vaccines and know all scientific methods are observed and no “shortcuts” are allowed. Your very life and those of your friends and family could depend on it!

DH Sperbeck

Lake Almanor

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