Letter to the Editor: Vote for a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF

Hello, Fellow Plumas County Voters!

It is extremely important that Plumas County elects a CONSTITUTIONAL SHERIFF especially in these times!

As the chief law enforcement officer in the county, the sheriff must be a good, strong leader who anticipates and sees what is coming from the elitists, stands up against tyranny, and protects our God-given freedoms from those who would like to take them away. Every decision he makes for Plumas County must be guided by the Constitution of the United States.

Our vote is heavily based on who we believe most closely aligns with the oath every public servant takes, an oath to support and defend the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES and the CONSTITUTION of the STATE of CALIFORNIA against enemies foreign and domestic.


We attended and enjoyed a Meet & Greet for each candidate. They were informative, and both candidates answered questions respectfully and presented themselves and their ideas well. They both did their best to present their positions without disparaging the other and came across as very likeable men.

Both candidates agree there is a morale problem within the department, and that it is not solely due to wages. We believe Dwight Cline, who served for 27 years with the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, will be able to address and resolve this with his experience in the county and with a fresh perspective, since he has not worked in the department since 2017.

We realize in a small county there is crossover in jobs, but we are uncomfortable with the fact that the current sheriff’s wife works in the district attorney’s office. Everything is probably completely above-board as she has worked there for many years, but it puts everyone in a difficult position if and when a conflict arises between the two departments and they may be forced to make a tough decision between doing the right thing at work and having a peaceful home life.

We believe Dwight Cline has the fervor to defend our Constitutional rights and freedoms that the government and elitists are trying to take away. We believe he is a good leader and has the demeanor to inspire the best in people.


We are looking for a Constitutional Sheriff, and we believe DWIGHT CLINE is the best choice for Plumas County.

Blessed to live in Plumas County,

Jim & Kathy Roberti

Sierra Valley