Letter to the Editor: Voter vs. election fraud

It’s important to understand the difference between voter fraud and election fraud. Voter fraud is where an individual voter commits fraud in an election. For example, voting twice or voting for a dead parent is voter fraud. A multi-million dollar investigation by President GW Bush showed that this type of fraud has happened maybe 30 times in the last 20+ years. It is an extremely rare occurrence. Why would anybody risk jail time to cast 1 or 2 extra votes?

Election fraud is actually very common. Examples of election fraud are: having only 1 voting machine for an entire county, improper and/or illegal purging of voters, having too few voting machines for a large amount of voters, voting machines that steal votes, and vote tabulation malfeasance. Republicans have committed this type of fraud for decades. Laws were actually enacted to stop Republican voters suppression, but the stolen packed Republican Supreme Court overturned those laws prior to the election. Democrats actually believe in people, our democracy, and want every legal voter to cast a ballot and have it accurately counted.

It doesn’t matter if the mentally ill and evil President Trump knew whether or not that he lost the election, but Trump knows he will be arrested the second he is out of office. This led to Trump, his sycophants, and certain treasonous Republicans to conspire to steal the election by ginning up this rabid base thru sedition and to commit bloody insurrection.

The election was not stolen – period. Trump et.al sued over 60 times in court to overturn certain states’ certified vote tallies but lost every major lawsuit. In these lawsuits, the judges, appointed by Trump and other presidents, asked Trump’s lawyers if they were alleging election or other fraud and each time the lawyers would say NO. The judges asked for evidence and every time the lawyers would say that there isn’t any. Trump did win a minor lawsuit in Pennsylvania and a very small number of votes were tossed because certain voters did not return to show id. In Georgia, the Secretary of State conducted 3 recounts and each time, the final tabulations were correct.


Because of the lie that the election was stolen, thousands of Trump Republican supporters stormed the US Capitol and committed a treasonous and deadly insurrection against the US Constitution.

Most of the right-wing supporters were there to watch and be the idiots they are, but others were there for extremely sinister reasons. There were capture and kill groups whose mission was to assassinate VP Pence, Speaker Pelosi, and any other Democrat they found. If this actually happened, Trump could have declared martial law and Trump could retain power. Or more likely, because a Republican is next in the succession order after Pence and Pelosi, this would allow that person to throw the election to the States and Trump would be President again. This is insurrection or commonly called a coup d’état.

Trump, Senators’ Cruz and Hawley, and over 100 Republican Representatives including Representative LaMalfa committed treason against the USA. This is the highest crime that can be committed against the USA. These traitors, at a minimum, must be immediately removed from office, or rightly so, suffer the consequences of committing treason.

It baffles most people as to why the citizen Republican is all upset with America. What exactly are the ‘hopes and dreams’ that Trump was providing these people? Republicans never do anything for the typical American and actually only cater to the very wealthy and corporations and always cause massive harm to Americans and America when they occupy power in the US Government.


Mark Mihevc