Letter to the Editor: Voting for Betancourt

I was pleased to see Dennis Hayes’s letter, published 10/5/20, confirming my suspicion that Megan Dahle does not have the educational background to take on the needs of AD01. Mr. Hayes reported finding a grammatical and a spelling error (“recieved”) in an e-mail she sent out. Very embarrassing. Personally, I’ve been unable to find any mention of Mrs. Dahle’s educational background. It’s not listed on her website nor any other website I found providing data on candidates. Other than being married to Brian Dahle, I found no evidence of work-related history either. I am also concerned the Dahle twosome reeks a bit of nepotism. As voters looking for answers, we should not let an inadequate candidate ride on the successes of her husband.

I’m most certainly voting for Elizabeth Betancourt. Why? Because education and experience counts! With masters in both water source and forestry management, along with years of working in these fields, she has the perfectly aligned education and work history we need to tackle two of our most serious problems, water supply and forest health.

Robbin Anderson