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Letter to the Editor: Wake up Nick

Here is my response to your response to my letter “Democracy in Peril”. First thank you for even reading it. Your first take that I shouldn’t worry because Donald Trump isn’t president is wrong. Anybody who does not think that Donald Trump is not a threat to Democracy NOW and into the FUTURE is in LA LA land. The threat is ongoing and the next two elections will have a lot to do with the result. The man is an autocrat and autocrats have taken over most of the Republican party. ANYBODY who “believes” or espoused that Mr. Trump won the 2020 election is either lying or saying it for strategical reasons (they think that this will keep the base in their corner) or they’re brainwashed.

Now, about President Biden. You think he is not the President for all of us Americans. What has he done? First, no President could do it all himself, so these things have been done with the help of others, but these are policies that he is for. First the American Rescue Plan was passed to help ALL Americans (no Republican votes even though Donald Trump put in a similar response which Republicans voted for).

Then the Infrastructure Bill was passed (bipartisan at least one Republican vote-Trump could never get it done). That bill helps all Americans as we all know that we need to upgrade our bridges, highways, water systems, etc.

The Chips & Science Act (bipartisan) just passed providing billions of dollars for the US making semiconductor chips (China is the leader now) that are used in cars, computers, cell phones and many other modern technologies so that Americans are not dependent on other countries and creating many jobs in the USA.

The “Honoring our Pact Act” (bipartisan but Republicans didn’t pass on first vote) that ensures that our Veterans who were exposed to toxins as a result of toxic burn pits can receive proper and free health care that they need was passed. Again, this helps ALL veterans.

Now the Inflation Reduction Act is about to be passed (NO Republican support) that will lower the cost of prescription drugs to seniors among many other great things that will help everyday Americans.

Nick, I know you watch Fox News and Pundits so you will hear nothing but bad things about the good of these bills. That would be propaganda (they’re not perfect but the narrative that you will hear on FOX will not be true). Also we have just killed the leader of Al Qaeda who was Bin Laden’s second in command. And the job creation under Biden (538,000 in July alone) has been stellar. But, to be fair, the conditions in our world have helped facilitate this (just as Biden should not be blamed for inflation-it’s all over the world and he is not president of the world). Biden has also strengthened our relationship with NATO our REAL allies where Trump was ready to disband it. The difference between Trump and Biden is Night and Day.

Dan Hopkins

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