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Letter to the editor: We have a choice and I choose Johns

Cassie, I hesitated to write yet another “Letter to the Editor,” but I thought I should at least acknowledge that you responded and answered my questions and thank you for that. I have never written into the editor before this Sheriff’s race, and I doubt I will write in the future on any other topic. I wrote in originally because I didn’t feel that I had all the pieces after listening to the four candidate forums/radio and there was a lot said on Facebook, etc. that I wasn’t sure was just misinformation. Honestly, I’ve never witnessed employees so involved in their department’s politics before. It’s a little taboo.

I don’t know if I totally agree with your scripted CYA “private citizen without any affiliation…”, but I’m going to let that pass, as I now have a better understanding of the problems within the department and how you see it changing with new leadership. Now we all do, instead of hearing a bunch of rumors or wondering what the “big secret” is. Like you, I have a full plate, and I don’t have time to go canvasing department employees as some had suggested, so I appreciate your time.

True, this is only one side, your side, but here is my take: First off, I see two leadership styles. One is macro, and one is micro. It makes sense, considering the two men’s backgrounds. Second, no matter who is the next sheriff, from what you have described, you are still going to have the same problems within the department. One side is going to be disappointed. Some are going to leave the department. Some will stay. If anything, mid-management needs some work/training, and whoever is sheriff should work on this (now that everyone knows).  Even though you are hopeful, I just don’t see a sheriff having the time or energy to put out little fires all day or micromanage. There are much bigger issues he needs to tend to. Just like a sheriff can’t be everywhere at once. (When I was discussing grants and body cams I meant their securement, I didn’t mean he personally wrote or picked them up).  I don’t think Dwight Cline will be able to do any of this either. In that sense, I go back to Sheriff Johns because of his experience and his qualifications. But like you said, this is democracy, and we have a choice. Vote for who you want, but at least now we are all more informed.

Sadly, Debra Moore is right, no matter who wins, there will be damage to repair.

Thank you Cassie,

Kathy Wickman

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