Letter to the Editor: We met a remarkable man

I would like to recognize a Plumas County resident, Scott Rice.

Last Tuesday my wife Judi and I were shopping at a local store in Quincy. As we were leaving another gentleman came through the door and the owner, who knew us said “Scott, I want you to meet the Roses, they are evacuees from the Creek Fire (Central Sierra) in September 2020.”

As I reached out to shake Scott’s hand , I could see his expression had changed and thought I saw his eyes begin water a little. I knew he understood but I did not know why. Here is what I know now.

This is just working man with a family. This is a guy like many of your neighbors who has life like the rest of us but when he saw the tragedy and tremendous suffering of the Dixie fire begin to unfold, he just could not look away. Scott quit his job to join the front lines of the fire response to do what he could do for the victims, which was a lot, I would have to say “miraculous.”


Now I am tearing up. Yes as fire evacuees who survived with nothing but the clothes on our back, the dog and the cat. I got it.

Months later the last evacuees have at least temporary housing and Scott is finding furnishings for them anywhere and everywhere. This man is a machine with a big heart! If there were a “Mountain Strong” heroes award he should get one.

Scott is back to work but it has cost him a lot to do what he is still doing. He needs our help.

Our first day living in Plumas County we met a family on Commercial Street in Portola. We said “we are new here.”  They said “welcome to Plumas County, we do things a little different here, we help each other.”  The next day we were standing in an empty apartment when the telephone rang. it was a local Pastor who had heard about us. I will never forget his words, he said “We have everything you need!”


That’s Mountain Strong, that’s the Plumas Mountain Community, that’s real America and yes it still exists.

1. Facebook Go Fund Me, “help local organizer with Dixie Fire evacuees”

2.We have asked Plumas Bank, Quincy branch to Open an account to help Scott’s family.

Robert Rose