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Letter to the Editor: We need policies that help more than the wealthy

Fifteen dollars/hour is about $2400/month. After taxes and contributions, the take-home pay is even less. I can’t see how any one person can live on that amount given today’s sky-high and gouging rents, gasoline, food, utilities, healthcare premiums, phone, and Internet.

Can’t blame the county employee who stated she would be leaving Plumas County for better and just pay. What most normal people know is that federal, state, and local elected Republican politicians couldn’t care less about ‘ordinary’ Americans, including their wages. Their constituency is the rich and powerful and caters only to their every desire.

Republican politicians never vote for policies that help people. They only vote for policies that help the wealthy. These same politicians, however, will write and/or vote for legislation that actually hurts a majority of people. They vote ‘no’ to increase the minimum wage, voted to cancel Obamacare (over 50 times), and voted ‘no’ on all the great legislation that President Biden and the Democrats passed that helped all Americans.

Republicans have no idea how to govern. Plumas County hasn’t progressed at all for the 15+ years I have been here – maybe even since the first time I was here in the 1970’s. Our Supervisors are clueless about the needs of the people, but they sure do know how increase the wealth of the various businesses they control and themselves.

The Republican Party mantra is no taxes, no regulations, and no policies that help all Americans. We hear it all the time. The sad part of all of this is that most every state and local government Republicans control are at the bottom of the list of successful governing bodies.

Here’s some homework for anyone reading this: look up the 1917 bill that established the ‘debt ceiling’ and listen to how the Congressional Republicans want to deal with it. That is the next thing Republicans want to use to harm America and Americans.

Mark Mihevc


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