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Letter to the Editor: What a year it’s been

It has been a wild year. The summer left, blanketed in smoke, and the cool fall sort of sneaked up on us.The virus prevailed!
But, we are still here in our homes which was a question for a while.
Amazingly, no homes were lost in Plumas County while the fire ravaged the surrounding areas.
My wife and I, not to forget our dogs, want to thank the fire fighters. They came from all over the country to join the US Forest Service crews in their fight to save our homes, and probably a lot more.
We also wish to thank our sheriff department for their efforts in supporting the fire crews and equipment operators and keeping us safe at home.
Not to forget the daily updates from Sheriff John.
It’s easy to forget their work once the fire is out,
but to all involved a Big Thank You!!

Adriana and Jan Klement


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