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Letter to the Editor: What an angel!

Dear Editor of this Fine Proffesional Publication and Residents of the Most Beautiful Plumes County, and surrounding areas:

My name is Brett Lee Davis and I am a developmentally disabled, physically handicapped, mentally challenged person, doing my best to survive, and stay in good spirits, during these pandemic days! I have been a resident of Plumas and Santa Barbara counties for most of my entire life. Although now admiring the beautiful, awe-inspiring Peaks of Mount Lassen, on the shores of the Most Gorgeous Lake Almanor, at this time, these are memories my slightly crooked mind will cherish forever!

From afar I read this evening that a fire destroyed the Plumes County Intervention and Resource Center! I started crying as I read this, remembering the tireless efforts of the director, Cathy Rahmeyer, and her absolutely wonderful staff, as they quite literally saved my life on three different occasions!! However, the main reason I write this, is in beloved remembrance, of the most cheried feelings of warmth and hospitality, next to my own feelings, of my own very dear, sweet mother, (a 20- year Greenville Resident -Party in Peace Mom!-) that I will forever hold close to my heart ❤

I was awaiting a scheduled appointment at PCIRC, when a young newly married couple pulled up in their smoking car, with two of the most adorable babies I had ever seen! It was aparent, by the look of all of them, that a great stress had them enveloped! Upon striking up a conversation, as I do fondly do, they coasted into town on fumes, on their last dollar turned into precious fuel, on the promise of a job for the husband, and at least a temporary day residence for the family to stay dry and warm! The “friend” that promises these things only days before in fact stated the job wasn’t available after all, and that the  beautiful young lady was welcome to stay, but that was all.

They had  no where to sleep, zero food, almost zero heavy winter — nothing and no rain gear at all amidst the storm! I recall the look of despair in the young man’s eyes, and the tear on his cheek, as he confided in me, a total stranger, his sadness and fee!ing of failure towards his family! I said a small prayer with the man and wished him the very best, wishing I myself had the resources to help him!

It was on that night, at my very favorite place to sleep in Quincy, the Spanish Creek Motel, on Highway 70, that I was reminded of just how much God loves his people, and just how great our compassion for one another can be! As I stepped outside, for a bit of clean, unparalleled tasty Plumas County fresh air, I watched that young couple emerge from their car, with their babies, several bags of groceries, very large very genuine smiles of relief, and a key to a room, to keep them warm and safe on that cold, stormy night!

I later happily discovered that young man found a job, in the lumber industry, and also a home, and that he and his family were very happily settled into this wonderful community! PCIRC helped that family, and what must be thousands of other families, disabled persons like myself, and people struggling, but with a true desire to do well in our world, a chance to make it at life today!

I plead to any families, persons and businesses, to please help the cause of keeping this community great and help PCIRC, in any way possible, cash and/or services and/or supplies, as they do so much in the way of God’s Work! Thank you PCIRC, God’s Chosen Angel 👼Cathy Rahmeyer and her Angelic staff, for everything you did for me, and for the hope you freely give to do many every day! PLEASE HELP AND GOD BLESS PLUMAS COUNTY!


Brett Lee Davis

Former Quincy resident

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