Letter to the Editor: What do the sign takers fear?

The election has begun and everyone has a right to their opinion and their vote. However, they do not have a right to steal signs that show support for Biden/Harris. I know of at least a dozen signs that have been taken in the night from Quincy and East Quincy private property. We suspect that these thieves are supporters of the party in power, but Republicans used to stand up for private property rights. Obviously, no more.
What is it that you thieves fear? That your neighbors may identify with a leader that represents truth and decency? That we as a people may rise up and choose to reject the racist, divisive, misogyny of the current administration in favor of a government that actually cares for all of its people?

“When they go low, we go high”, as Michelle Obama said. So, thieves, keep in mind…for every sign stolen we will attempt to replace them in double. The funds we spend on signs go to support Biden. While you may cost us annoyance and money, you are helping to support Biden’s Victory Fund. In the long run, thanks.

Dante Meyer