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Letter to the Editor: What if it were your backyard?

I want to applaud Nick Collin of Graeagle and his commitment to “progress.” Per Mr. Collin progress equates to having an asphalt plant in Delleker. If we thwart progress and deny Hat Creek’s request, somehow we will not be able to get asphalt and our roads will return to gravel and dirt roads. Why that would happen remains a mystery.

So why applaud Mr. Collin? It’s because there is no way he’s just another N.I.M.B.Y. (not in my backyard) type, right? I assume Mr. Collin will support Hat Creek’s new Graeagle asphalt plant, adjacent to the Collin place. I picture him looking out over the asphalt fields with tears in his eyes. Are they tears of joy, or a reaction to the asphalt and diesel fumes coming from the plant?

Paul Cavanaugh


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