Letter to the Editor: What it means for your health care

In the last 2 years of the Obama Administration, Republican Senate Majority Leader McConnell denied Obama 128 judge nominations and a Supreme Court nomination (that opened up in February 2016). This is unconstitutional and unprecedented in US history. There is nothing in the Constitution that states that only when the President and the Senate Majority are of the same party that it is allowed. Nor does any random spoken comment of a Congress member override the Constitution (McConnell’s Biden rule which is baloney). Only Democrats follow the US Constitution.

Equally unprecedented, McConnell is forcing a Supreme Court nominee, Amy Barrett, in the last 3 months of a president’s term during an election year. McConnell has also installed 218 judges including 2 Supreme Court Justices. This is called ‘court packing’.

Barrett is a religious cult member who was chosen to end the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), vote to end a women’s right to terminating a pregnancy, end Social Security, and end Medicare. Why, because in Republican world, you are on your own. Period.

She was also chosen to allow Trump to steal this election similar to when the Supreme Court unconstitutionally picked the president in 2000. The States have total control of their own elections.


Unfortunately, there is a good chance that Barrett will be put on the Supreme Court and that the ACA will be ruled unconstitutional. People better prepare for the following:- Unregulated/increased premiums

– Reinstatement of annual and lifetime caps on benefits

– Reinstatement of preconditions that make insurance unaffordable

– Reinstatement of recision – ending your insurance because you cost to much

– More denied medical care

– Children under age 26 no longer covered

Better face the fact that countless people will die due to this barbaric healthcare practice. Pregnant women will die in ‘illegal’ abortions strictly because someone’s arbitrary religious mythology says it’s ‘bad’. It could be you, a family member, or a friend who dies because a minority of Americans, i.e. the Republican Party, has chosen this is the way for all Americans to live. To live? – how ironic.

Mark Mihvec