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Letter to the Editor: What made CAO Lucero uncomfortable?

Yesterday I attended my first of what may be several exhausting BOS (board of “supervisors”) meetings in person. I attended as a county employee to support my fellow county employees as we continue the long arduous fight for better pay, better recognition and less outdated bureaucracy. Yesterday during public comment, CAO (Chief Administrator Officer) Mrs. Lucero decided to be impertinent because it made her feel “uncomfortable”. Well Mrs. Lucero I’m sorry to say, but if facts and truth make you feel “uncomfortable” you’re in the wrong line of work. Part of your job is to listen, to observe and engage but never to interrupt (something that seems to come easily to you as it was observed many times). What I find amusing is what made you feel “uncomfortable”. Was it the facts county employees were stating? Facts about the Director of HR? Facts that are keeping this county stagnant? Facts that are keeping this county in the past instead of looking ahead to a bright future? Facts that are holding departments and employees back?

Mrs. Lucero You should save your “uncomfortable” charade for the employees who work tirelessly for the people of this county, employees who value their work and community but can’t make ends meet. You should feel uncomfortable that employees in this county are not being heard by an amateur hour BOS. You should feel uncomfortable by the lack of transparency the BOS and you provide the people of this county and the excruciatingly slow and visionless pace at which it moves.

It’s well past time that we demand you all sit down and set actions and deliverables for the people of this amazing place we decide to call home. And if not, perhaps more antics and calling out will get people of this county to pay attention to the unbothered and bygone “leadership” we are “led” by.

Christopher Rouse Islas Hernandez

Indian Valley

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