Letter to the Editor: What Todd Johns did for my son I will never forget

Todd Johns is a man with a big heart! I first met Todd Johns 11 years ago when he drove to UC Davis Children’s Hospital to talk with my 9-year-old son, Jedidiah, who was receiving treatment for an inoperable brain tumor. Jedidiah was enthralled with Law Enforcement Officers and SWAT and wanted to be one when he grew up. A man who would take the time and initiative to drive to Sacramento to make an unknown little boy dying with cancer happy, has Character!

Todd and I started elk hunting together after his visit. I know Todd on a personal level. I watched Todd lead Plumas County through two years of devastating wild fires as the Sheriff in charge of public safety. Todd has a passion and commitment to rebuild his home town of Greenville and the communities burned down in those fires. I am proud to support Todd Johns! Join me in voting for Todd Johns as our next Plumas County’s elected Sheriff!

Scott Lusk