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Letter to the Editor: Where were you?

It’s the new virtue signal for the left, standing with Ukraine, all of a sudden. After going completely bonkers about Covid, and never learning beyond MSM prompts, suddenly the crocodile tear crowd is banning Russian vodka and “cancelling” Siberian kitties from cat shows, to stand in “solidarity” with Ukranians.

Where were you when NATO bombed Yugoslavia, targeting civilian areas?
Where were you when Afghanistan was invaded under the false flag of 911?
Where were you when Iraq was illegally invaded and used as a weapons test ground?
Where were you when BHS and HRC infiltrated Syria with jihadis, creating a war that will never end?
Where were you to stand for Gaddaffi, who tried so hard to help African people as a whole?
Where were you to condemn BHO and HRC for murdering him and 100 thousand “people of color”…”black lives”? Your HRC laughed about murdering him.
Where were you to speak out against Saudis starving and bombing Yemenis with high tech toys from Lockheed Martin and Raytheon?
Where were you when the IMF, CIA and State Dept. under BHO and HRC installed a militant Neo-Nazi regime in 2014, to antagonise Russia and keep Ukraine in chaos?

I’ll tell you where I was. After calling the military recruiter soon after 911, to go kill “mooslims” and being denied because I was too old, I started waking up, thanks to help from brothers and sisters out there, who had more insight on reality.

Within a couple years, their lessons sunk into my swiss cheese, propaganda addled mind and soul. I humbled myself and realized my hatred was unfounded, and that I’d let myself be victim of the war monger globalists’ mental manipulation.

It’s been 20 years and many tears. I mention tears frequently in my writings. Nuthin’ wrong with me. Because I’ve looked through the crack in the door. I’ve been witness. I’ve ridden with the victims, feeling their pain. And stuck my head out to expose the atrocities. I wrote countless letters to this editor about most of the above topics.

Where were you???

Countries are squiggly lines on a map, inside which live humans. Stop looking at them like sports teams. The globalist, capitalists are the ones who hurt them and us. That is the real enemy of you, and the sooner y’all stop siding with Team Ukraine or Team Russia and get on the side of Team Humanity, the sooner we can make real change.

From America with love. In the dawn’s early light…

Robert Milne

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