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Letter to the Editor: Who will read this letter?

According to the US Dept. of Education, 54% of US adults age 16 to 74 (about 130 million Americans) read below the equivalent of a sixth-grade level. That equates to a reading level of an 11-12 year old. At best, they barely have the ability to comprehend basic science, math, civics, history, economics, and health. This leads to the inability to get decent employment. They most likely have not read the US Constitution.

Where do they get their news? They most likely don’t or can’t read a newspaper. The only alternative is to watch or listen to what people say is the news and they have no ability or desire to fact-check the validity of what they were told was accurate.

Take Critical Race Theory (CRT) that was promoted by Fox News and right-wing commentators. I never heard of CRT so I did an Internet search of ‘definition Critical Race Theory’ and chose dictionary and encyclopedia websites. There I learned that CRT is the study of how race and racism affect our laws and the administration of our laws. CRT is taught in colleges and is attended by law students. It is not taught in grades K thru 12 at all.

This purposeful misinformation worked as intended. People quote the CRT lies from the propaganda outlets almost verbatim, even on PlumasNews.com. Hordes of people have attacked school boards and teachers over this lie. Republican controlled states have enacted ‘anti-CRT’ laws based on this lie.

That’s all these propaganda networks/talk radio do is lie to their audience to rile them up. The propagandists know that their audience won’t or can’t fact check them. Another example is the Dr. Seuss and Mr. Potato Head ‘crisis’ knowing that some in their audience read at a 6th grade level. These propagandists even riled up the Republican domestic terrorists to attack the Capitol on January 6th.

This is why Fox News and the Hannity’s of right-wing talk are constantly demeaning teachers and teachers’ unions and cutting funding for education. This is why there is talk of burning books and limiting what students can read. They want Americans as ignorant and stupid as possible because that is how they increase their base and achieve their goals. And that goal is for the super wealthy to completely rule the US and to terminate the US Constitution. Remember that G.W. Bush said that the Constitution is ‘just a god-dammed piece of paper’.

Sadly, most people will not read my Letter because it’s from me, while many others can’t read my Letter because they read at a 6th grade level.  More disturbing is that these people vote and vote against their own self-interests.

Mark Mihevc


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