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Letter to the Editor: Who’s buying all the houses

We own a rental house in Sparks.  My wife and I thought it would bolster our retirement and being good Socialists, we wanted to pay more taxes (you know the price of civilization).  When we made the decision to purchase the house a few years ago I worried we were taking away a home that a young couple could purchase and begin their accumulation of wealth.   One of our family members is currently searching for a home.  Bad time.

Now hedge fund managers and private equity thieves have discovered single family homes as profitable investments.  These guys go into a city and purchase thousands of homes and remove them from the market to advance their already astounding wealth.  Smart guys, they discovered this in the 2008 Bush meltdown (Bush is the guy that lied about WMD in Iraq).  By the way, a couple of the them fellers that helped in this scam, Trump appointed to cabinet positions.   Ahh, could that be corruption?

Eye poppingly.

Don McKechnie



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