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Letter to the Editor: Why Fox News


Nick just wrote a letter wondering why Democrats would refer to Fox News so much in letters. Here are some reasons why. Let’s start with the ratings. Fox is the highest rated of the major networks. Why this is, is simple. Fox is the only main “right wing” network. There are more choices when it comes to so called “liberal” networks (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, & MSNBC to name a few). So there are more choices for the more liberal of us and we divide up, hence higher ratings for Fox. Known and proven liar Tucker Carlson has the highest rated show on the network.

When I grew up there was no Fox and people on both sides of the aisle got their information from similar sources. Democrats and Republicans, while having many of the same differences as today were, nevertheless, much more cordial to each other on the whole. Bipartisanship in solving problems actually happened. Around the time that Richard Nixon went through Watergate Roger Ailes decided that conservatives needed a network that would trumpet conservative views (and would have supported Nixon at the time) and he started Fox. And it has devolved into today where about half of the network’s time is spent telling its viewers that all Democrats are bad (by the way it has become proven public news that Fox viewers are “the tail that wags the dog” at Fox — as Rupert Murdock said “it’s not Red or Blue it’sGREEN$$” as to why Fox had known liars come on its shows to espouse lies about the last presidential election) and the other half ramping up its support for those it is in favor of, basically any Republican. All Democrats are bad and all Republicans are good according to Fox.

When a person as evil, incompetent, openly disgusting as Trump enters the scene and has so much support with Fox as the main (of course not the only) supporter it is only normal for those of us who see Trump for who he is to wonder how so many Americans love and adore a person who identifies and swoons over autocrats like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Xi Jinping. It has to come from misinformation and, with Fox being the main vehicle, Fox is often brought up whether Democrats are writing about Trump or other issues of the day.

Dan Hopkins

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