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Letter to the Editor: Wish I Felt Sorry

Republicans demonize and disparage everything there is about Liberals, Democrats, conservative Democrats, and conservative Republicans now too. We’re all Socialists and Marxists to you.  You think nothing of lies, dirty tactics, insults, propaganda.  Yet you are the first to call foul.  Your party is obstructionist, uncooperative, and fickle. Nothing but blame to go around.  You offer no incentive for understanding, or for the never-ending credit you think Trump deserves.

A lousy deal!

My previous letter is a conglomeration of sentiments spoken to me by people here in Plumas County.  I embellished a little. Not much.  Nice people, generally, who don’t allow room in the conversation for a perspective other than their own.  They see a bumper sticker and feel entitled to explain, in the street or in my yard, what they think I don’t understand.  It seems impolite they aren’t interested in a dialogue.

I don’t talk about my politics every time I open my mouth or every time I see someone who disagrees with me.  I have written a couple of opinionated letters to the editor.  My last letter was snarky.  I don’t need the word “freedom” mansplained to me anymore.  It’s not that complicated.  There are things you aren’t getting.  Yours are not the only legitimate thoughts and ideas in existence.

You want Mr. Rogers and all of us to get along.  You know, I’ve said that. More than once. Today’s Republicans don’t listen and they demand everything on their own terms, no compromise.

No thanks.

Helene Day


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