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Letter to the Editor: Women’s rights; real freedom is at stake


Faith Strailey just wrote a great letter to the editor explaining what is on the line for women in this country in this next election. The Republican party of “freedom” is quite the opposite. While they go nuts over mask wearing (temporary “mandates” to protect people from getting covid-trucker “freedom” protests, etc.) they are trying, and succeeding, at this time, to strip women of even the basic right to their own choice over their own bodies. This comes from one of their political crutches, the Church (pick your religion). When an egg is “fertilized” God has made the choice they believe.

While I respect anyone for being “pro-life” I do not respect people who want their pro-life values to be the law of the land. I call them “pro-life nazis”. The Republicans, who make an issue over government intervention into peoples and companies business, are complete hypocrites. This (a ban on all abortions) is a horrible choice with draconian side effects as well. A 10-year-old girl raped by a 27 year old man in Ohio had to go out of state to get an abortion (she went to Indiana where she could not go today). A teenage girl, who wanted to have the baby, had her water break at 15 weeks. The fetus had no chance of surviving but doctors, fearful of breaking the law, would not remove it until it died inside of her. She went home with a 10 percent chance of dying herself and a 50 percent chance of never being able to conceive again.

Abortion, with some reasonable restrictions, must be a woman’s right all through our country, not left for states to decide. Question: Do we let states decide on slavery? Women’s health issues should be decided between her and her doctor not by the Republican party or the (fill in the blank) Church. Again, vote for Democrats! I hope women throughout this country will lead the way. I certainly support them. Real freedom is at stake.

Dan Hopkins


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