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Letter to the Editor: “Words of wisdom Lloyd”

I just wanted to express appreciation and respect for the following writers of letters to the Plumas News editor:

“My two cents”- Peter Skeels, Lake Almanor.
“Research the facts, then form an opinion”- Craig Browne, Quincy.
“Losing yourself”- Dylan Coffman, Portola.

From the movie The Shining (bathroom scene, I think…) “Words of wisdom Lloyd”!!
Thanks, y’all!

Now, here’s my two bits, in relation to the ideas expressed by the above writers…

I’ve been following some people who go onto live social media and attempt to “school” people on balanced thinking. Most of the people they hook up with are younger, and of many different nationalities and races.

What is beautiful is that these kids, from twenties all the way to ten or twelve, just want to live and love. They realize there is little racism in reality, and that this notion is promulgated by our own government in conjunction with the media.

They also realize that both political parties are essentially two sides of the same coin.

There’s lots of hope here, but MSM and politicians will not let that happen.

Let’s show them different people. Else we’re soon terminal victims of the age old war method of divide and conquer.

Then soon you can say hello to your new daddy, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.  He wants Human 2.0, genetically modified humans and a “Great Reset” in 2021.

Just enter the above key words in the search engine and learn- this is no joke or “conspiracy” stuff. What could go wrong?

Maybe all the political dogs chasing their tail could take a pill and actually use their energy to learn about and then oppose the real dangers that are about to overtake us any month now.

Robert Milne

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