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Letter to the Editor: Worked with both men-totally support Todd Johns for Sheriff

My name is Michael Beatley. I have lived in Plumas County for 39 years. I had the pleasure of serving in our beautiful county as a member of the Sheriff’s Office for 27 years. I began my career here as a deputy stationed in Greenville. During my service I was promoted to patrol sergeant, working in both the Greenville and Quincy areas. I was promoted to Administrative Sergeant and then as Undersheriff. I spent 22 years as a supervisor and worked with and supervised both Sheriff Office canadiates now running for Sheriff.

My knowledge of both of these men and their work ethic and character is based on years of experience and hands on experience supervising both of them. Based on that, I fully and completely support Sheriff Todd Johns as Sheriff for our county. I worked with and supervised him for many years. He is a man of integrity, and a hard working caring person. He loves our county. He truly is a home grown Plumas County family man. He lives here, he shops here, he supports you as a citizen of our county. His honesty and hard work are well documented by the awards and appreciation he has received. His experience as a supervisor and manager far exceed those of his opponent.

Sheriff Johns was assigned many challenging jobs by me and other supervisors as we knew he could be trusted to do a thorough and complete job. Please don’t be misled. Honesty, hard work and ethics matter. Therefore please vote for Todd Johns, the best choice as supported by past and knowledgeable Sheriffs Office supervisors such as myself. If you love and care for our county, please vote for Todd Johns.

Michael Beatley

Meadow Valley

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