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Letter to the Editor: Ye know not what ye asketh for

I do like the Spring Garden writer’s perspective on working together. However, solutions are not in the hands of the people, here, or anywhere abroad. The idea of Climate Change was introduced decades ago as a Hegelian Dialectic of problem, reaction, solution.

Now that the Democrats summon the reactionaries to endlessly pelt the comment and opinion sections with climate and pandemic alarmism, both these theories are being merged.

The WEF launched their Covid Action Platform soon after introducing Covid. This detailed plan coincides with the UN Climate Action plan, which has been implemented since 1992.

The umbrella essence of climate action is “sustainable development”, which has been incorporated by county and city “leaders” since 1992. The globalist UN’s motto has been “Think global, act local”, and one can’t help see the word “sustainable” in almost all laws and directives at this point.

Similar to the Spring Garden writer, I have many ideas that could be really sustainable, like CSN’s Woodstock line “We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon, and we got to get ourselves back to the garden”.

I’d like to rejuvenate the soil and grow some real food, build generators that power towns on livestock or even human methane, simplify our lifestyle, move away from alopathic drug based “healthcare”, basically get back to more natural cultural mores.

However, this is not the direction the techno Wall Street plastic people global money interests are taking us. Sustainable, to us, means the generic meaning of the word. Inversely, “sustainable” in UN speak means something quite different. They’ve put the oweness on us. To them, we Westerners are a scourge to their planet. They’ve made trillions, breeding and fattening the Western consumer, now the play changes, they say we Westerners have got too plump, now it’s crunch time.

The Davos Group mega corporation consortium has a new plan we’re living. It’s their long term business plan to rip out all the “brown” and “Build Back Better” with their “green”, and the corporations, “stakeholders” and magnates profit trillions. Then comes their “Green New Deal”, collectively summed up by the WEF’s “Great Reset”.

We’re about to be put into stormy waters, as their rubber is ready to hit the road. There’ll be hundreds of trillions of dollars created from thin air by the likes of the Federal Reserve and the IMF, to profit the corporations in their total revamp of Western culture. We’ll just put the bill on the kids’ tab and let them figure that out.

Unless we the people challenge global interests, the UN’s “sustainable development” will reduce humans to Smart City dwelling hum-bots, living in bubble apartments, bathing in the IOT’s 5G EMF toxic radiation, eating “sustainable” rationed food. Meat, they say, will be an occasional treat. We’ll own nothing, and be happy!

The ruralites of America are not considered “sustainable” on the agenda to carbon neutrality by 2050. Most ruralites will be economically forced from the boonies when all power must be generated by local regions for their own use. Electric lines from afar will be decomissioned, one by one, and rural areas will have to generate all their power locally, using only renewable forms like solar, wind and geothermal.

As Obama foreshadowed, “energy will necessarily skyrocket”. They just banned all outdoor power tools in CA. Next woodstoves, diesel, propane, gas vehicles, and eventually natural gas & nukes. Everything, including heating, cooling, vehicle charging and commercial/ residential electric will have to be generated locally, by renewables, and stored in huge resource stripping battery banks. Rural areas will not share the economy of scale that mega-regions will in energy production, and the cost per unit will challenge the economic viability of rural communities. Even the wealthy will have a hard time in the boonies. Things like the Highway 70 plan foreshadow the change- more bike lanes and less car lanes through towns.

Y’all don’t need to make another peep, the “stakeholders” and climate change capitalists got ya’ covered. But don’t fret, in 10 or so years, you can still visit the boonies, using Zuckerberg’s V-R headset between intense work from home coding sessions in the bubble apartment, just watch out for the staaaaairs dude! Ow, that hurt! But it beats looking out the window and seeing a big beeeear!!! Not!!!

Robert Milne

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