Letter to the Editor: Yes on infrastructure bill

You can always tell when the Democratic Party has the presidency and majorities in the House and the Senate (however slim they may be). The American Rescue Plan (Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill) was passed even though every Republican voted NO including Representative “I get million$ in assistance from the government” LaMalfa. This is where most of us got $1400 and other much needed assistance to families.

There are complaints that it took a long time to send out the relief checks/auto-deposits but that is because Trump holdovers are still in running the IRS and the Social Security Administration. Republicans ruin everything good in America.

The Biden Administration is making great inroads in managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the previous administration’s criminal and deadly neglect in managing Covid-19 (over 500,000 Americans dead, minimal testing) and a failed ‘Warp Speed’ vaccination program, the Biden Administration has now facilitated the vaccination of over 108 million Americans and deaths are declining.

But, Covid-19 is still a huge threat as mutant strains are now present and Republican governors are mandating NO mask policies if you can even believe this stupidity. Get your vaccination and continue to wear your masks and social distancing even if you are vaccinated.


The Biden Administration also announced the $2 trillion American Jobs Program – the civil and environmental infrastructure bill. The transportation part of the bill provides $621 billion for:

* $115B roads and bridges, $85B Public Transit, $80B passenger/freight rail

* $174B electric vehicles, $42B airports, water transit and ports, $125B for other items

For home infrastructure, $1.05 trillion for:

* $115B clean drinking water, $100B broadband, $100B electrical infrastructure

* $213B affordable/sustainable housing, $137B public schools/community colleges, $28B other

* $400 home and community-based care for elderly and disabled people

For research/development, workforce, and manufacturing, $580B for:

* $180B research/development, $300B manufacturing/small business, $100B workforce development

This plan helps to bring America’s infrastructure into the 21st century and will create millions and millions of good paying jobs. Lead pipes will be replaced and deliver clean and safe water to Americans. Affordable housing will allow Americans to buy homes. Broadband is now a necessity, i.e. a utility. Electric vehicles are now mandatory as we phase out gasoline/diesel. There’s money for public schools and community colleges. And there is money for caring for the disabled and elderly. The programs in this bill are long overdue.


Democrats, being the only fiscally responsible party, will pay for these programs in part by increasing the corporate tax rate to 28 percent, although it should be 38 percent. And, no, businesses do not pass on the increase in corporate taxes to the consumer. Our consumer prices are raised no matter what happens. This is simply a canard delivered and repeated to the simple-minded.

The Republicans and the corporate media are already screaming about the bill. Can’t put it on the credit card like Republicans do and can’t pay for it by raising corporate taxes or taxes on the wealthy. Senator Moscow McConnell and other republicans are already stating they will not support the bill if you can believe that. Republicans never help the majority of people when they are in control and refuse to support bills when Democrats are in control.

This is a much-needed infrastructure and jobs bill. Most citizen republicans (60 percent) support the bill as do over 90 percent of Democrats. Call your representatives and ask them to support this bill. I wonder if the insurrectionist freeloading LaMalfa will vote yes on this bill?


Mark Mihevc