Letter to the Editor: You will be deeply missed


Ever since I moved to Quincy as a nine year old in 1960 I have enjoyed the Feather River Bulletin. Local news that we would not have gotten without it was always much appreciated. This will be a very sad day for me and all of our county citizens. I want to thank all of you who made this possible through the years from the bottom of my heart. Democracies depend on the “fourth” branch of government, a free press keeping citizens informed of what is going on to survive. Lately the free press has gotten undeserved scorn (“the press is the enemy of the people”). Nothing could be further from the truth. Clearly most people who choose to go into the business do it because they have a passion for reporting truth to the American people, not to lie to the people. These are regular Americans who care about our country. So, you have all been a part of that and WILL BE DEEPLY MISSED! THANK YOU!

Dan Hopkins