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State Farm’s Catastrophe Response Team, from Bloomington Illinois, is set up in the Safeway Shopping in front of the local State Farm office. Experts who are specifically trained to handle claims for those they insure, are staffing the unit seven days a week for as long as necessary. Photo by Mike Taborski

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there! Actually here!

By Mike Taborski

[email protected]

Local State Farm Insurance Agent Richard Stockton couldn’t have been more pleased when he saw the arrival of his company’s National Catastrophe Mobile Unit to assist his office in handling the enormous number of claims they are receiving. They are set up in the Safeway shopping center in Quincy in front of Stockton’s office and staffed by State Farm’s Catastrophe Response Team, experts who are specifically trained to handle claims for those they insure. The mobile unit is from State Farm’s headquarters in Bloomington, ILL.

Stockton said he has members of the team here from South Carolina, the Bay Area and two from Colorado. Because these highly trained and qualified experts come from all over the country, he said staffing is handled on a rotating basis with replacements arriving every couple of days. He expects they will be here for several weeks, for as long as it’s necessary to take care of their insured.

Stockton’s father Jim started the insurance agency in Greenville where he raised his family. “I grew up in Indian Valley and still have several family members that live in that community, so this loss is real personal to me,” Richard Stockton said. He guesstimates that State Farm has insurance coverage for about 60 percent of the losses in that area resulting from both the Dixie and Fly fires.

Coverage under the home insurance policy for those insured who’ve lost their home can opt to rebuild at the same location or somewhere else for that matter, including out of state, or they can use the insurance money to buy a new home — but again only up to the amount stated on the policy limits. The coverage doesn’t include the real property, just the structure and contents.

If you have State Farm Insurance and you have a claim-related question you can stop in at the mobile unit for assistance. The mobile unit will be staffed and open seven days a week.

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