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Local departments train emergency responders

After a busy start to the summer, Beckwourth Fire Department Chief Bret Russell took time to elaborate on recent trainings that have involved departments from Eastern Plumas Rural Fire Protection District, Sierra Valley Fire, Graeagle Fire Department, and Beckwourth Fire Department.

“First, we have completed our annual wildland refresher course, re-certifying our firefighters for the season. We had firefighters from EPRFPD, Sierra Valley, Graeagle and, of course, Beckwourth. During the field exercise, we had an extremely strong showing from EPRFPD with not only firefighters, but fire apparatus as well.”

According to Russell, the training not only helps prepare the departments to work together in the event of a vegetation fire, but also continues the path of building the alliance between the organizations.

“The plan is to continue to build the cohesion with all of the neighboring fire departments with future training,” Russell explained.

Russell then noted that the department held a scenario-based vehicle extrication training Monday, June 17, at Beckwourth Fire Department Station 2.

“We simulated a single vehicle into a tree at high speeds, then found an “acute status patient” needing to be sent to the trauma center in Reno, and requested CareFlight for patient transport,” Russell said.

Russell thanked CareFlight for allowing the helicopter to participate in the training, all the way up to landing at the station to make the training as realistic as possible.

“We also want to thank Ernie from Ron’s Towing for donating the cars for us to cut up.He not only donated them, but had them transported to and from the station,” Russell closed.

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