Local healthcare districts share vaccination rates for staff members

When Eastern Plumas Health Care announced during its late April meeting that 55 percent of its staff had received a coronavirus vaccine, its board members and some senior staff voiced concern with the number.

“This is not just about the staff; it is also about the patients. We’re still at risk of future variant surges, and 55 percent just doesn’t seem very good,” Dr. Paul Swanson said. Swanson is a physician for EPHC as well as serves on the board. “My point of view is that you’re balancing individual wishes with the greater good. It might be worth considering either stronger incentives or requirements for vaccinations.”

That information caused Plumas News to query Plumas County’s other two healthcare districts to see where they stood in terms of staff vaccination rates.

Seneca Healthcare District in Chester reported that approximately three-quarters of its staff had been vaccinated, while Plumas District Hospital reported that 82 percent of its staff had been fully vaccinated or had already had the virus. “As the CEO at Plumas District I am pleased with this statistic,” JoDee Read said when asked about the health district’s vaccination rate.