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Local photographer makes her own calendar

Elaine Taddei is always on the lookout for interesting landscape shots. This one is taken in Seldovia, Alaska, where she once lived before returning home to Indian Valley. Photo submitted

There are still quite a few months left of 2018, but local photographer Elaine Taddei is preparing for 2019 — with a calendar showcasing landscapes of Indian Valley.

Each of the 12 images highlights a different perspective and a slightly different area of Indian Valley than what one gets driving through on the highway — all of them vibrant. Taddei clearly didn’t take a photograph on a cloudy overcast day. She has photos taken from Dog Rock to Antelope Lake to Lake Almanor, with the bulk of the photos in Indian Valley proper.

Originally from Indian Valley, Taddei moved to Alaska in 1972 and came back in 1989. She realized what many of us take for granted — it’s really beautiful here.

“I realized the beauty in this area I had left. I see so many people I went to high school with that left and felt the same. I always wanted to do something with my images of all our old stomping grounds so someone that wasn’t living here could still enjoy the beauty of our old home here in Plumas County,” said Taddei about her new calendar and her inspiration for doing the calendar.

Taddei, who has been working in photography since 2001, now does commercial photography such as weddings, parties, family photos, and product and real estate photos. This is her first calendar.

Indian Valley calendars can be viewed or purchased through her website elainetaddeiphotography.com.

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