Third- through fifth-graders from Plumas Charter School’s Greenville Learning Center pose after their spelunking adventure at Lake Shasta Caverns. Photo by Lauren McIntyre

Local support makes charter school field trips possible

Ingrid Burke

Special to Feather Publishing/Plumas News

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Students at Plumas Charter School’s Greenville Learning Center were able to embark on two amazing end-of-year field trips thanks to support from the Indian Valley Thrift Shop Association.


Third- through fifth-graders ventured underground to view limestone rock formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstone during their trip to Lake Shasta Caverns, a designated national natural landmark. First- and second-graders got close-up wildlife experiences with animals such as giraffes and meerkats at the nonprofit Sacramento Zoo.

GLC teacher Lauren McIntyre reported that the Indian Valley Thrift Shop Association covered the cost of admission for all of the students’ chaperones on both trips. Without this support, she said, the trips would not have been possible. This was because COVID restrictions required the school to limit the amount of students in each vehicle, resulting in a much higher number of vehicles and chaperones involved.

“The thrift store has generously donated so much to our little community this year,” said McIntyre.

The Indian Valley Thrift Shop Association supports Indian Valley nonprofits (Plumas Charter School operates under the nonprofit Plumas Alternative Learning Services). Treasurer Sherilyn Schwartz encourages all local nonprofit groups to apply for grants through the association; to learn more, contact her at (530) 284-1055.


To support the association, shop and donate at the Indian Valley Thrift Shop at 108 Main St. in Greenville. It is run completely by volunteers, and all proceeds support the community.

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Ingrid Burke is the public relations specialist for Plumas Charter School.

First-grader Sawyer Wootten meets at giraffe at the Sacramento Zoo during his Greenville Learning Center end-of-year field trip. Photo by Lauren McIntyre