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Long Term Recovery Group forms for the Dixie Fire disaster

A group has begun its formative steps, pulling together people from Plumas County, in order to establish a Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG) for the Dixie Fire disaster.

This started with an outreach from Bobbie Rae Jones, a Disaster Case Manager with the LTRG formed after the Camp Fire. That group is still working with disaster relief. They reached out, offering help for the formation of a group in Plumas County (note: this was started prior to the fire moving into additional counties).

According to Bobbie Rae Jones, the main goal is to organize and immediately activate as many interested parties, and to inform those affected by the Dixie, the service workers in our region, and the surrounding regions, of a centrally organized group to participate in and to share knowledge.

Her wish is to coordinate support for immediate relief and long term recovery. Another goal is to see a unified effort to set as many systems in place, or in the process of creation, by the time cooler weather settles in the Sierras in September.

A first step is to assist in coordinating with leaders for standing up a financial structure for immediate relief in the coming year, and the future long-term recovery needs for years to come.

“There are many people displaced including vulnerable populations that are camping in these regions and who currently have a lack of resources to survive now. I’m concerned with what will happen to the elders, the children, and the disabled after freezing temps sets in,” Jones said. “Some of these people do not have the ability to set up or have a temporary shelter in place through the winter. We want to provide the assurance that people in service are organizing to help them.”

If you know of anyone who has shown interest in participating in establishing a group/consortium/committee focusing on this role, please contact the group through Plumas Rural Services.

The next Zoom meeting is Monday, Aug. 30 from 3-4 p.m. Please send an email to the address below to be included in the invite. Organizations as well as community volunteers are invited.

email: [email protected]
Bobbie Rae Jones, Disaster Case Manager, Camp Fire

Some of the organizations currently participating, or invited to participate, are as follows:

The Almanor Foundation, FEMA, Mountain Passages, United Way of No. Ca., United Policyholders, Action News, Plumas News, Plumas Grange, C.A.N., Roundhouse Council, Sierra Institute, Salvation Army, CalOES, Tiny Pines Foundation, PCIRC, Alliance for Workforce Development, Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley, and a number of community volunteers.

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