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David Arsenault smiles after pulling off a first in round one of the 2019 competitions in Johnsville on Jan. 20. Photos by Darrel Jury

Longboards round on a wet win

Light-hearted fun was not dampened by wet snow as spectators and brave racers took the hill at Johnsville Historic Ski Bowl for the first runs of the season on wooden skis of 9 feet or better Jan. 20.

The winners’ circle was led by David Arsenault in first place for the men and Alice Berg taking first place in the women’s competition.

The next races are scheduled Sunday, Feb. 17, and Sunday, March 17, for the “World Championship.” Fingers will be crossed that the snowmeisters will provide.

Competitors in the winners’ circle of the first longboard race of 2019 celebrate a day of wet snow.

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